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Version 2.4 (old version, is not worked now) 

Import numbers from a text file and check whether they were previously registered, you will immediately receive a HASH-code numbers WhatsApp

Super-fast multi-threaded process parsing
The ability to parse the numbers that have been registered with a password
Different versions of the API WhatsApp, you can select the new version, old or both.
The ability to pause in order to evade the filters on the side of WhatsApp
Export results to a CSV or TXT files together with the received hash

Please send verification SMS-message to the imported number and confirm hash codes for numbers

Batch sending SMS messages verification
Batch check received SMS messages
The ability to pause in order to evade the filters on the side of WhatsApp
The ability to register the number with a password
For those numbers that have already been carried out the verification, the software automatically obtains the hash, not even sending SMS
Generate a range of telephone numbers and send them to the parser to search for available rooms for your mailing list or export the results to a text file for later use

Mix numbers to distract attention from the server administrators WhatsApp
Send results to a parser generator in one click
Save generated numbers to a text file

  1. Registration


2. Number Generator


Developers:  http://watools.me/