WappBulk v7.2.0.3 (20-Jan-2017) –  It doesn’t work now


Official site: http://wappbulk.com

It can send up to 20000 messages per hour. From channels of India and Indonesia this software can send more 150 messages per channel. From russian channels – up to 100 messages per channel. To use sender software you also need to have channels (Channel – It’s a combination of a number and password used to login into whatsapp (when you register on whatsapp then a password is generated against your number))

It’s a desktop app so you have all the power & freedom on your hands. All settings are available on interface to adjust everything you want.

  • 3 Language Support
  • Chat Support
  • Set profile picture & status of channels
  • Emoji to built awesome text messages

Speed settings are available on software interface. You can send up to 20000 per hour . You can also put some pause time between each message to save channels from blocking and send 9 message per channel per day (If you don’t channels got blocked after sending).

To save channels from getting blocked we advise clients to send only 8-9 message from each channel daily(Normal Mode). Also change channel after each 2 continuous messages from a single channel. Note: In Turbo mode channel will be blocked for sure

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